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Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) management has become need of an hour for every professional as well as an individual. DSC availability and search in the office kills minimum 1 hour time for every office person and during deadline dates sometimes director and professionals end up taking too much stress and paying cost for new DSC and sometime even penalty for non compliance.

DSC availability, DSC validity, DSC expiry, DSC storage place, DSC movement has become burning issue for every professional and DSC holder.

This application is solution for all your troubles at a per month cost of not even a cup of coffee at decent restaurant and will surely give you more relaxation and freshness than a best cup of coffee in town.

Our Work Process

  • 01


    1. Register yourself either as Professional or Individual user, select the most convenient package, make payment and become user.

  • 02


    2. Make data entry either by punching the required details like Name, DIN, ………, DSC validity period…… etc.

    User can also upload all data from excel file format given in the application.

    For real result of app… all correct data entry is mandatory

  • 03


    3. Start using app by inward outward and storage details and save your 98 % time being wasted in search of DSC.


Keeps stock of DSCs

Maintains the in/out register of DSCs

Alerts of expiring DSCs

Dashboard report

Mobile apps along with web app (iOS, Android)

Access from anywhere (Cloud based)

Data import facility to begin with simple process

Maintains multiple DSCs for same DIN or person.

Since We Started

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Since We Started

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